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From my early years I was born to be involved with two wheels, from the picture you can see that I was a little bit small to be riding two wheelsMe at 3 or 4. By the way these two people are not my parents. I was born in 1954 in the city of Chichester in West sussex England, in fact I was born in my mother hospital, where she was a nurse.

Before this photo was taken, I can only remember living in a caravan close to some woods where Deer would visit us, but it is too long ago for me to remember all of the details of my early year's. However,my farther took me to a motorcycle scramble at the age of four and from that point i was hooked. The greater part of my school days were spent in a fishing village of Selsey, on the Sussex coast. This is where I learned to fish and swim in the sea and yes I did catch a lot of fish too. we were all in Selsey my two sisters and I till 1969 when my dad had a new job and we moved to Felixstowe In Suffolk. Felixstow is where I spent my teenage years and where my motor bike passion began.

To the right is one of my early bikes a BSA 441 Shooting star and me of course. At the age of 19 my parents moved to Scarborough North Yorkshire with my youngest sister and then there was only my other sister and me left in Felixstowe. A year after My parents had left I joined the British Army in September 1975, My first posting was to Germany, Which only lasted two weeks before I was sent to Northern Ireland. This was one of the hottest summer we had and I can remember that I was always wet with sweat, with salt marks on my uniform and boots.