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Honda CB 350 Four

My next project and my current bike is a Honda CB 350 Four in 1998 which had been imported from the USA as a rolling chased at a cost of 350,it was covered in a thick coating of dust which looked like the stuff that is in the filter of a cloths dryer, even the chain too had a nice coat.

CB 350 FMy vision for this bike, is to make it into a 1970 racer look a like. Seen to the left is how it looks now the CB350 four has a CB 400 four tank, an all in one seat just like the early cafe racers had in the 60/70. It now sports a full fairing 4 into 2 exhaust and rear set foot rest gear change and brakes.which had to be modified. I still have the 350F  I have owned many bikes if you would like to add any comments or ask any questions then click on Contact Me.

Bringing the 350 home and cleaning of the coating of dust. I wounded if the engine was any good ,it turns over ok . But there was some key parts missing like the ignition system. As luck would have it my girl friend at the time has a 350 also, parts of her bike were donated for the test. With great surprise after fitting the donor parts the bike burst into action.

The hunt was on for all the missing parts, some of the key parts for the ignition and a CB400 four tank together with two CB350 F side panels were purchased from David Silver. After a trip to Suffolk from Essex I had enough parts to run the bike. However, I needed a lot more parts to make it fit for the road again, not forgetting the registration details. Getting the bike registerd ment finding out when it was built, this ment a letter to Honda Uk together with a of 25 pounds. It was not to long before I had a reply from Honda Uk with the build date here I was so lucky that it was built in December 1972, meaning that it was a historic vehicle, cheap tax.

The parts that I needed to find to get the bike on the road were a Seat which I found at an enfield bike boot sale of the type used on a cafe racer in the seventies, A brake master cylinder and hoses. I could not find a good 400 four master so a simaler looking one came from a chelmsford bike breakers, it worked ok but there was not a nice feel about it when used. A set of drop bars that came from a auto jumble. Indicators were brought from my local bike shop John parkers of Southend on Sea Essex a great shop for all things old. Most of the small parts came from John parkers where steven and his mum had found many of the small parts for this project.