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The Honda motor bike holds the most interest for me as I have owned many from the age of 16. with the Honda CB 100cc first being a Honda CB,100cc back in 1971 a long time ago now, but it was better than cycling to work 12 miles each day. Honda CB 175cc soon needed greater speed so from there I had a CB,175 that was a very nice bike to have. Then I move on from Hondas to a BSA 441 Shooting star Which at the time I was not very happy with, more oil came out of it than miles I could not ride it and left it in the garage it was short lived, and I went back and brought a CB,125 but, this was a bit slow for me.

BSA 441 Shooting StarThis is why I modified the engine somewhat, at the age of 19 with just a magazine article to follow, I took on my first engine rebuild by putting in a big boar 140cc piston. This made a lot of difference to the speed and power too. Then in 1974 riding to my local dealer in Ipswich on the CB125 I saw the CB500T, I bought it there and then. Honda CB 125 Honda CB 500T took me all over Germany, Denmark and home again to Yorkshire on many occasions.

Honda 500TWhen home on leave from serving in the British Army .The 500T was traded in for a Suzuki 750 water cooled in 1978. This bike was the bike that I came off of the most in one year (7 times) the last time I was lucky to still be here hitting the kerb at night in a remote part of Germany. This was the point that I learned to fly at 60 mph to find that roads were indeed hard to land on. My motor bikes ended in Germany when the 750 had been stolen. I t was not until 1979 that I purchased another motor bike a Suzuki 380 triple, it was a fast bike going over 100 mph down the A12 from Essex to Ipswich.For a time my biking days ended in 1980.GT750

Matchless G12 Deluxe I did not have a bike again until 1989, when I found the Matchless G12 650cc that needed restoration. This was found in a shed covered in old carpets and wood. The owner had not fode it for 10 years and parked it in his shed. 1990 I bought another Honda a CB400F a very nice bike, at about this time a work colleague re introduced me to motor bike racing. Quite often the time the Matchless was ridden to racing circuits as well as the CB400F and to work.

Honda 400f However,the CB400F was too small for two so it had to go, a sad day for me this was a great bike. A Kawasaki 550 was the new replacement bike but, it did not last very long before I had my eyes on a Yamaha XJ600 which was brought in 1992 this was a fantastic bike I loved going out on it. Divorce meant that Yamaha had to be sold.XJ 600

During my time going racing I have been fortunate to have seen and talked to many famous bike riders, I have been very fortunate also be able to talk to Brian Creighton from the Norton racing team with there rotary engine super bike during there British super Bike campaign in the late 80 and early 1990. Then the Roton was developed which came out in 1991. My next project and my current bike is a 1972 Honda 350 Four which had been imported from the USA as a rolling chased, it was covered in a thick coating of dust which looked like the stuff that is in the filter of a cloths dryer, even the chain too had a nice coat.

CB 350 FMy vision for this bike, is to make it into a 1970 racer look a like. Seen to the left is how it looks now the CB350 four has a CB 400 four tank, an all in one seat just like the early cafe racers had in the 60/70. It now sports a full fairing 4 into 2 exhaust and rear set foot rest gear change and brakes.which had to be modified. I still have the 350F and now two Scooters; of course, one is a Honda. In my life, I have owned many bikes if you would like to add any comments or ask any questions then click on Contact Me.