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My Travel Diary of Cyprus

Taking a chance by booking a last minute holiday on the internet  which you have no way of knowing where I would end up in Cyprus was a bit daunting.However on arrival in Larnca airport, there I was duly dispatch by coach to my final destination Konnos Bay apartments arriving there  at 8am Sunday morning, after flying through thenight.  Konnos Bay is between Ayia Napa and Protaras, which are the two main tourist destination of the island. The first sight of the views from the apartments was just amazing sitting on top of a cliff with gardens running down towards the sea set in it's own bay, it was out of this world what luck. Bynow so tired that it was time for a rest. Later that day was spent exploring the surrounding area walking along the cliff tops looking out to sea over clear blue sea great, also discovering that theresort was part of a nature reserve, the picture to the right shows the view looking over the bay

On the Monday it was time to meet the rep for the resort, where information about the island is given and arrangements can be made to explore the Island by coach orusing the local bus service along with car hire. Thinking to my self that i should do something in the two weeks stay on the island, i duly booked some outings the first of which is on the nextmorning, Tuesday with a start time at 7.15am a bit early.

By now I've meet Joe a retired TV engineer who also came to Cyprus on his own. he and I would meet up most days between the hours of 12 and 3.30 sitting under coverby the pool having a beer, chat, reading books and papers, due to the high temperatures 29 degrees plus in the shade, the sun at this time of day will burn you a live. Also meeting up with a couplein the apartment next to me who where from Birmingham Alan and Sue who i spent the early part of the evening talking to on the veranda.

Tuesday 7.15 a day out in the Troodos mountains with a visit to the capitalcity Nicosia which is the first  stop on the  agenda . Time for coffee break  and have a look around by now temperature has gone up to 30 plus getting a bit hot. next on to a villagecalled Kakopetria a view of  a village house garden  to the left this village dates back to the 14th century. from here a drive up   the mountains and then lunch 12 o'clock justin time, the temperature in the mountains has dropped to around 20 degrees. After lunch a drive down through the mountain to the foot hills  to visit the Monastery of the Holy Cross dating fromthe 4th century AD. Then back in the coach for the return journey passing through pictures villages  until the flat costal planes also passing the green line which divides the island since theTurkish invasion in 1974.


Thursday another 7.15am start  for a day out to limassol and the village Lefkara . At the bus stop I am joined by a young lady Anna from Sheffield, spendingsome time waiting for the coach we get chatting which will continue through out the day. Off we go to the village Lefkara where they are famous for their lace work and silver crafts. On arrival inLefkara it just happens to be the last day of school and the children are having a great time partying in the streets. After being accosted by the locals to see there wears  Anna and I decidethat coffee was a better option. Next we are off to Limassol to visit the castle which Richard the lionheart was said that he married  in the chapel within in 1191 AD. After the visit to thecastle and lunch we where off to the biggest winery in Cyprus the Keo brewery. With a short look round the operation and the wine store which i might add had the most wonderful smell. Then its thewine tasting which i though would be just a few glasses to taste, how wrong, we were seated in a room laid out with long lines of tables, then out comes the wine in bottles place in front of usealong with their beer too. After helping them to reduce their stock, we where given the opportunity to purchase their wine, a good way to boost sales get your customer drunk first. With the coachparty now very happy loaded down with wine we are off back to Konnos Bay.

A new adventure for me was to start to learn to snorkel though I would of liked to go scuba diving but sad to say i am not allowed to do so. Buying a face mask andsnorkel kit from the local shop, at mere cost of £7.00 was a good investment for fun I thought.

First outing with the snorkel  was to a small cove just around the bay from the apartments it looked good from the cliff tops so that made me choose it. In thewater I go  up to my waste and now the fitting of the equipment, mask on tube in mouth right still can breath good start there then, face in water yep still can breath no leaks good lets go forit.  I swim in to the bay well just a small way out white sand and grass like plants underneath me rocks covered in seaweed and small plants but were are the fish? I've not seen one yet.Swimming around a bit more looking in hope that there are fish in this sea I decided to have a float around it's nice and warm, just happened to look up and to my amazement all around me were smallsliver fish, so there are fish here after all. By now the wind has got up and the sea a bit rough, cough and splutter tube full of sea water yuk not a nice taste, blowing out hard to empty out thetube, time to call it a day, swiming back to shore. Not a bad first time out though I did not see any sharks, those of you that know me that I have a passion for sharks.