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Idian Diary

South India

The States of Kerala and Tamil Nadu

Kerala is known as the land of the coconuts and when you fly into Trivandrum you can see why, a green carpet of palm tree below.Tamil Nadu Kerala is situated on the south western tip of India with the Arabian Sea at its coastline to the West and the mountain region of Ghat to the East.  Kerala  tropical greenness is overpowering with it's 41 rivers and countless backwater Kerala Back waterss  lined with coconut and banner palm tress. click to see video Together with the natural wonders of the wildlife that can be seen where ever you go in southern India. In addition, to the wildlife that is all around. There is the  Periyar wildlife Sanctuary  where it is possible to see the jungle at first hand,  on guided treks and boat rides. Kerala offers a great opportunity for adventure  and golden sandy beeches to mountain  plantation  of tea and coffee all manor of spices Kerala also can offer it's beautiful sandy beaches of which Kovalam is most pictures with it's palm trees lined shores.  Kerala's coast line supporting there main industry of  fishing where all manner of verity fish and shell fish are waiting for you to taste . tea plantationUnder the guidance of your individual tour guide, further explore the jungle of the Periyar wildlife sanctuary and let the wildlife come to you. Sit back and take in a tranquil journey cruising through the back water canals and waterways. The only way to see  local culture living and working in small river side communities. Venture into the green mountainous tea plantation of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  Take in the Temple architecture  that Tamil Nadu is renowned for. Be surprised at the greenness of southern India and the outstanding quality and verity of foods to taste. You can view my diary of the tip I took to India.