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URSThis is one of the bikes that I would like to of owned, Helmut Farth URS side car outfit. I have been fortunate to see Helmut Farth and his outfit screeching around Brands Hatch circuit. what's more one of my work colleague at the time looks after this great bike for the owner. This picture was taken in May 1991 shortly afterwards the URS was sold

The young girl on the BSA Bantam is my daughter Karen aged 4, she has started out early riding motor bikes. This BSA D14 was the first restoration project  that I'veBSA Bantam done that came in a lot of boxes.  The restoration was carried out in my spear bed room, you could imagine the fun that I had getting it down from there. Brakes do not work that well on carpet, with the tyres sliding down the stairs. Me and the bike came to rest at the bottom in one peace. I did not do any more up there. 

The very first project that I took on was a Matchless G12 650cc 1961, which had been standing in a garden shed for 10 yearsMatchless G12, covered over with old carpets wood and all sorts of junk. All the chrome was green and the aluminium was white. To the left is the finished article, in all the Matchless was like a old friend, that took many years to complete, It was always on the button running for ever never missing a beat. But in the end the clutch was to hard for me to engage and with sadness we had to part.