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Hull University Scarborough pictured right is were I spend 3 years of my life, from 2001 till 2004 for half of the year at a time, studying. That's what we are supposed to be doing. After completing the first year of our studies for a degree in Business Management and information technology. The first year was a shock to the system and at the age of 47 going back to study I found not that easy, at the time.

However this was not as bad as the shock to the system as the second and third years study all the fun had gone and reality set in. A highlight of my time at Hull university was the field trip, in the first year to Amsterdam for a week in December 2001.
I thought that living in the North of England was cold after moving from Essex in the south of England, where it is a lot warmer. Holland however, is much colder, the icy wind cut right through you, but apart from that its a great city to visit. The people are very warming too. A great plus for use English is that most Dutch people speak English, a very handy thing. I have been lucky to make a lot of new friends through Hull University.

In September 2005 I went to the University of Huddersfield to study a post graduate Teaching certificate This enable me to become a qualified Teacher. I must add that I am going to only teaching adults. Huddersfield University was a lot different that Hull Scarborough having 19,00 students as apposed to 1,500 in Scarborough. Working in a small class group also meant that I did not make many friends in addition, not living in the town but, traveling in from Bridlington had its drew back.

Nevertheless for all its hardships going to University has been one of the best thing that I have done and Teaching the most rewarding Job to date.